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Recovered Paper Grades

There are various classifications of waste paper. For example, European List of Standard Grades of Recovered Paper and Board Recovered (EN 643) grades paper as follows:
•    Group 1: Ordinary grades
•    Group 2: Medium grades
•    Group 3: High grades
•    Group 4: Kraft grades
•    Group 5: Special grades

Some other classifications grade paper into:

•    High-grade paper (computer paper, letterhead) that can be turned back into office paper if it's kept separate from other waste paper.
•    Lower-grade paper (newsprint, books, colored paper, etc.) that can be used to produce cardboard, toilet paper, tissues, and newspapers.

Why us?

The proverb says, "One man's trash is another man's treasure". Having a proven track record based on a 10 year reputation in paper waste management industry, we buy waste paper from companies and individuals and help to turn it back into paper.

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As an experienced waste management company, we also offer secure document destruction services: paper recycling, paper and file shredding.
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