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Disposal of archives requires confidentiality


Disposal and destruction of archives MMK - profitable, convenient, reliable, and most importantly, for free, we will pay you the value of your waste.

Disposal of archives requires confidentiality. The solution to this important task can be entrusted only to a reliable partner. MMK Company will make timely destruction of documents with expired shelf life, and justify the trust of each client. With us you not only to optimize the space of archive space, but also get the benefit of the put waste paper!

Take action and make the destruction of the archives FREE! Today MMK company makes large enterprises unprecedentedly advantageous offer. Start right now to free valuable space! Our experienced staff will be actively involved in this task. The competent staff immediately respond to your request and will hold shredirovanie paper carrier as soon as possible.

Cooperation with us - it is an opportunity:

Disposal of archives will be performed in the presence of a representative of your organization, as soon as possible and for FREE! The team of professionals of CMI uses reliable methods and equipment for the processing of obsolete documents. The use of industrial shredder to allow us to quickly produce shredded paper into small, unreadable and not subject to reconstruction fraction. Paper media with personal data are crushed beyond repair. We will carry out the destruction of documents shredding fraction corresponding III degree of privacy, and confirm compliance with the requirements of European standard is legally competent registration acts.

Entrust us the destruction of archives! With the company MMK you quickly decide utilization documentation problem, ensure strict compliance with the rules in the processing of paper-with important information and get the obvious benefit of effective cooperation!

You need to dispose of files? Shredirovat archives?

If your documents have already become unnecessary and the statute of limitations has long passed when a great way to get rid of old documents and archives. Recycling Archives - the decision not only to optimize space and eliminate blockages.

Shredirovanie documents or disposal of records is used to inexpensively and quickly get rid of the documents under supervision.

Usually services shredirovaniya documents, utilization of archives is from 9 to 12 rubles per 1 kg, and we do it for free !!!

Recycling MMK-eco archives - a quick fix to your files and documents.