Archives Utilization

We help you save your money, protect your business and contribute to nature protection.
As an experienced waste management company, we offer secure document destruction services: secure paper recycling, paper and file shredding.
Why do I need archives utilization services?
Your office is overloaded with piles of paper? Most likely they also contain documents with confidential data – client and staff information, sales reports, intellectual property.
Without secure document destruction measures your archives could find their way into the hands of competitors or general public. We help you utilize your documents safe, fast and without extra effort from your side.

How we work

Need paper shredding or document destruction services? We have a shredder that processes 500 kg of paper per hour, and we’re ready to help.
1.    Just call us!
2.    Our experienced team comes to your office and weights the papers.
3.    We pay you at the highest rates.
4.    We securely destroy your papers.
5.    At the completion of your document destruction, you receive a security certificate stating that your documents have been destroyed in accordance with state standards.
It’s our mission to protect triple interests: your profits, your reputation and the planet.
Contact us to arrange secure services in paper recycling, archives utilization, paper and file shredding.