Big bags will be used as a profitable event, it allows you to benefit even from garbage!

A large amount of cardboard and paper waste and polypropylene bags are often accumulated at manufacturing plants, warehouses, workshops and shops. The company MMK proposes to take out the used containers and earn. The delivery of big bags will become a profitable event, it will allow you to benefit even from garbage! We have high prices for each kilogram of spent plastic recyclables.

In the company MMK - well-organized service for the export, sorting, processing of waste. Reception of big-bags is carried out in specialized centers with modern high-tech equipment. Proper disposal of polypropylene waste in MMK will lead to a reduction in the level of environmental pollution. After all, polypropylene has a long period of decomposition, resistance to water, aggressive acid and alkaline environments. In the process of burning, it releases toxic substances that destroy the ozone layer of our planet. When exposed to ultraviolet and elevated temperatures, loses strength, pollutes water, air, soil, causing great damage to nature.

Take part in good deed and get extra income! To hand over big bags in MMK - the correct decision! Our specialists carry out the reception:

Receiving bibegs for processing allows using used packaging to produce new quality products without sacrificing nature. Goods from recyclables will be sold at a low price. It is doubly economical for any enterprise!

Are you planning to release useful areas from industrial polypropylene garbage? We offer to hand over big bags to MMK! The competent manager organizes the export of waste products weighing from 400 kg on our vehicle. The team of specialists will go to the site, hold the big used bills, immediately make a payment.

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